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Type B

Combinippel item 4005-00
Item 4005-00

Flow rate:

Side action: –
Upwards: 80-90 cm³/min 

Number of birds

Combinipple with yellow plastic housing with R 1/8 “thread and high-quality stainless steel valve. The drinking nipple opens when operated vertically. Due to its intense yellow contrasting colour, the combination nipple is particularly suitable for laying animals in cage management.

Combinippel reduced item 4075
Item 4075-00

Flow rate:

Side action: –
Upwards: 40-50 cm³/min

Number of birds

Combinippel mit gelbem Kunststoffgehäuse mit R1/8“ Gewinde und hochwertigem Edelstahlventil. Der Combinippel Art. 4075 hat im Vergleich zum Art. 4005 eine reduzierte Durchflussmenge und benötigt deshalb keine Auffangschale oder V-Rinne. Der Tränkenippel öffnet bei senkrechter Betätigung. Durch die intensive gelbe Kontrastfarbe eignet sich der Combinippel besonders für Legetiere in der Käfighaltung.

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The LUBING Quality is additionally guaranteed through the use of high-quality stainless steel and quality plastic. Modern manufacturing techniques have continued to improve the LUBING Drinking Nipples’ proven advantages in function and lifespan with the Combinipple:

  • Feather-light opening
  • Minimum wear and tear
  • Sturdy but precise design

Its extremely lightweight operation provides the LUBING Combinipple with a reliable and hygienic water supply.

In order to minimize splashing, the drinking nipple’s flow rate without a drip cup, compared to the drinking nipples with a drip cup, has been reduced.

This means that the maximum number of birds per nipple is lower.

* In hot climates, and depending on the light/water program implemented, the number of animals per nipple must be reduced! Observe national/regional regulations.

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