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Automatic Flushing System

Hygiene Accessories

Water is an essential factor for successful poultry farming.

Note the great influence that water has on production.
For example, 58% of chicks and 66% of eggs consist of water.

We therefore present here further procedures for optimized hygiene in poultry drinkers.


New Automatic Flusing System

In the automatic flushing system, actuators attached to the pressure reducers are controlled. These actuators are centrally controlled by the LUBING TouchControl. In this process, the individual drinking lines are flushed one after the other with the full water pressure.

With the automatic flushing-system your drinking system is flushed by itself. With the LUBING Touch Control LCW you can flush up to 10 drinking lines separately. This system can be easily retrofitted into existing drinking systems.

Automatic Flushing Floor Watering
Automatic Flushing Cage and Aviary Management
Needed Components:

With the LUBING controller (1) the duration and timing of flushing can be adjusted to individual needs. With that you can adjust the time required for a sufficient flushing depending on the length of the drinking lines and thus avoid water waste also during the flushing.

Each drinking line is flushed separately, but it is also possible to flush several drinking lines at the same time by clamping them to the same contact.

The actuator of the pressure regulator Optima E-Flush (2) is connected directly to the controller. If necessary, the number of drinking lines (standard: 10 drinking lines) can increased by expansion boxes as often as you need, with 8 drinking lines per box.


For the automatic flushing a new breather unit (3) was developed. This is fastened to the end of the drinking line. The height of the water column is shown by a red ball in the riser.

Through the drain kit (4) the flushing water is led to the drainpipe (5).

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