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Drip Oiler

For conveyor systems it is necessary to oil the conveyor chains. A drip-oiler is available from LUBING to facilitate economic and appropriately dosed oiling.

This is available in different voltages.

It is recommended to link the power supply of the drip oiler with the power supply of the used motor. In this way it is guaranteed that the drip oiler is only operating while the conveyor system is running.

Furthermore, a manual switch (on / off) or a time relay should be integrated into the supply line. The dripping oil can thus be connected as required.

We recommend to install the drip oiler at an easy accessible area where it is visible for the service staff. We advise against an installation of a drip oiler inside the bird area due to the dusty surrounding area.

The oil flow valves should be set in such a way that a drop of oil falls every 5 sec. The adjustment is made by turning the valve screw. The time span between two drops of oil can be observed in the inspection glass.

The conveyor system must not be over-lubricated. Too much oil binds dust and dirt and can have a negative impact on the quality of the eggs. Economic application of oil ensures that the eggs being transported do not come into contact with the oil. Nevertheless, the oil used must be classified as food safe.

Too little oil leads to increased friction in the conveyor system and makes the conveyor difficult to move as well as it leads to premature wear.


The position of the oil brush is particularly important. The oil brush may only oil the flat chain link on the outside.

Optional accessories

Float switch

The float switch that is integrated in the drip oiler bottom checks the oil level within the oil container. If the oil level falls below a certain level, then the drip oiler ill switch off automatically. An operation of the system without oil and irreparable damages resulting from this can be avoided by using a drip oiler bottom with float switch.
We suggest redirecting the signal of the float switch to the central control unit. Proceeding like this either a light can indicate a low oil level or the conveyor system can be stopped in case of insufficient lubricating. The drip oiler bottom with float switch can be used for all drip oilers that are distributed by LUBING.

Unit control

The electronic drip oiler timer allows an exact adjustment of time intervals for lubricating the LUBING conveyor system. During operation of the conveyor system the drip oiler is switched automatically. This proceeding guarantees an even and reliable lubrication. It is possible to define the start and stop time within a range of 0.1 seconds to 99 hours freely. We recommend using shorter intervals than those used for manual lubrication.