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Loader conveyor

For the egg transport from the laying area to the central conveyor

LUBING has developed short conveyor systems for the transfer of the eggs from the laying area (nest belt) to the central conveyor, which conveys the eggs to the packing or grading room.

These are available in different versions to fit optimal to the individual needs:


With the loader-conveyor, straight conveyor lines or even offsets with S-bend can be realized at medium gradients.

Steep conveyor direct

With the steep conveyor direct, straight conveyor lines with large gradients can be realized.

Rod conveyor unit

With the rod conveyor units, short straight conveyor lines with small gradients can be realized.

LUBING Loader Conveyor
Guide unit and drive

The LUBING guide unit is used to evenly distribute the eggs on the conveyor chain and keep the eggs away from the transfer areas. 

This prevents collisions between the eggs and thus reduces the number of broken eggs on conveyors with a lateral transfer.

The drive for this short conveying distances are 0,18 kW motors. These can be placed on the discharge side on the left or right side.

The motors are available in various voltages on request. The motors can be operated with a frequency converter.

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