About Us

Our Objective

  • The objective is to reach out to the remotest of place of India to propagate, promote the latest, state of the art German Technology to the Indian poultry farmers.
  • To enhance and achieve the production targets of the Indian poultry farmer with quality and long lasting range of products.
  • To be at the Service of the Indian poultry farmers throughout a devoted and dedicated, strong sales and after sales network through out the country to reduce the down time to reach out to the far flung farmers.
  • LUBING INDIA shall always be committed to the progress of the Indian Poultry farmer and their satisfaction shall be our actual profits.

Our Story

May 1949
LUBING Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. Came Into Existence

LUBING Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. came into existence as a mechanical engineering company on 15th May 1949. Less was known by then that it would be this same company, which would be known worldwide among live stock farmers for highly specialized Drinking, Conveyor and Climate Control System.

LUBING Produces The First Drinking Nipples

In 1967 LUBING  Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.  produces the first drinking nipples for laying hens and dairy & pigs. In the following period a complete automated solution for nipple drinking for poultry and dairy & dairy & pigs was developed. This consisted of a composite and detailed system of a combination of square pipes, profiles, ball tanks.

Egg Conveyor System Developed

1976 saw the extensive development of another highly complicated system for the simple use of the poultry farmer, "Egg conveyor system". This was dedicated to maximum operational safety and minimum maintenance and designed to cope up with all kinds of heights, curves and distances.

The sole purpose of the egg conveyor system was to irradiate the human participation in this activity in totality.
After providing for good, hygienic water through concealed pipe systems and automated conveying of the eggs from one place to another without any breakage or crackage. LUBING was behind cooling the sheds internal temperature for the improvement of the animals well being.

The LUBING TOP-CLIMATE-SYSTEM was introduced which has gained popularity due to its high performance micro-mist fogging.

LUBING Top Climate System Introduced

The LUBING TOP-CLIMATE-SYSTEM was introduced which has gained popularity due to its high performance micro-mist fogging.

Arrival of LUBING in India

India saw the arrival of LUBING in 1996,LUBING INDIA has introduced Nipple-Drinking systems to India and has won the popularity and loyalty of the Indian poultry farmers over a 2 decades now. India has the existence of LUBING Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co  through its Subsidiary LUBING INDIA PVT LTD., having its head quarters in Pune, Maharashtra.

The Indian poultry scenario is rapidly expanding, developing from its initial stages of a backyard poultry activity to an organized corporate sector. Today farmers are always updating themselves with the latest of technology available be it construction of poultry shed or the computerization of the analytical process.
With the technological revolution hitting India, now farming is done more scientifically and hygienically than any other third world country hence their produce has gained respect  LUBING INDIA is proud to be associated with the Indian poultry industry as a supplier of all technological needs of the industry in all stages of the production cycle in all aspects of hygienic feeding, drinking, brooding and environment control applications.

Oct 2019
 LUBING Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.  Completed its 70th Year Of Successful Operations.

LUBING started expanding its operations overseas in 1976 when it founded its companies in Spain and England. Since then LUBING is seen to spread its operation to 40 countries in 5 continents. In October 2019  LUBING Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.  completed its 70th year of successful operations.