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Egg input unit

for conveyor chain rods up/down

To reduce the number of cracked eggs among the transfer point LUBING has developed a special egg input unit. This unit can be integrated easily into existing conveyor lines that are operating with conveyor chain rods up/down (28°).

The number of cracked eggs
can be reduced by up to 60%!


In many conveyor lines 90° transfers are installed.
These transitions are critical points on the conveyor
lines. The eggs need to pass over the height differ-
ence at the transfer plate without being damaged.
The height difference depends on the type of
conveyor chain used in the conveyor line.


The input chain that is driven by the conveyor
chain has higher positioned input tubes which
run between the rods of the conveyor chain.
The input tubes have a soft plastic surface that
grants gentle egg handling during 90° transfer.
There is no hard impact of eggs onto the lower
metal rod due to the reduced height difference
during transfer.