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TwinClean Line

for rearing and finishing

Perfect Hygeine for your Drinking System

The drinking water in the TwinClean Line is continuously circulated inside the drinking line. In addition a pump is installed in the circulation unit, which pumps the water with defined pressure to the upper line of the drinking line profile. The water runs to the end and flows back again in the lower nipple pipe to the pump.

A float switch regulates automatically the pump unit. It ensures that the pump do not run without water.

As with other LUBING Drinking-Systems, the height of the water column is set at the pressure regulator. The correct height adjustment is measured at the breather at the pressure regulator. The flow rate of the pump can be adjusted with the flow rate controller.

The adjustment depends of the installed drinking line length and is only made once with start-up. The balls in the two front breathers indicate the difference of pressure between upper and lower line. 

The drinking line principle is laidout in such a way that the pressure at the end of drinking line is always higher as in front at the pressure regulator.

Therefore drinking line lengths up to 120 m with only one front connected pressure regulator can be realized.

The Advantages at a glance


  • No standing water in the drinking line
  • Uniform water temperature in the entire drinking line
  • Uniform distribution of vitamins and medications
  • Secure transport of water by means of the double pipe crosssection and additional pump
  • Drinking line with hygienic contour that allows easy and thorough external cleaning
  • Drinking lines up to 120 m with front connected pressure regulator

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