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Type D

TOP-Nipple Item 4022
Item 4022

Flow rate:

Side action: 30-40 cm³/min
Upwards: 70-80 cm³/min
TOP-Nipple made of high quality stainless steel with R 1/8 “thread. The drinking nipple opens when actuated laterally and vertically.
TOP-Nipple reduced Item 4077
Item 4077

Flow rate:

Side action: 20-30 cm³/min
Upwards: 35-45 cm³/min

Number of birds

The TOP-Nipple Item 4077 compared to Item 4022 has a reduced flow rate and therefore does not require a drip cup or V-trough. The drinking nipple opens when actuated laterally and vertically.

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TOP nipple

The LUBING quality is additionally guaranteed through the use of high-quality stainless steel.
Modern manufacturing techniques have continued to improve the LUBING Drinking Nipples proven advantages in function and lifespan:

  • Feather-light opening
  • Minimum wear and tear
  • Sturdy but precise design

Its extremely lightweight operation provides the LUBING Stainless Steel Nipple with a reliable and hygienic water supply. In order to minimize splashing, the drinking nipple’s flow rate without a drip cup, compared to the drinking nipples with a drip cup, has been reduced.

This means that the maximum number of birds per nipple is lower.

* In hot climates, and depending on the light/water program implemented, the number of animals per nipple must be reduced! Observe national/regional regulations.

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