Curve conveyor

for egg transport

The conveyor system is of crucial importance for egg farms of all sizes. Variations in buildings arrangement always require a tailor-made individual solution. Therefore we based our LUBING curve conveyor on the following concept:

  • Maximum operational safety and minimum maintenance.
  • A unit construction system with elements designed to cope with any imaginable spot requirements, all kinds of curves, heights and distances.
  • Conveyor chain widths of between 200 and 750 mm (8 in. - 30 in.).
  • Capacities ranging from 20,000 to over 90,000 eggs per hour at a conveying speed of 7 m/min.
  • Optimum rentability.

Many years of experience with LUBING conveyor-Systems confirm our worldwide leading position.

The conveyor chain runs backwards and forwards on stable plastic sliding profiles. The straight sections of the conveyor belt consist of connecting elements either 2 m or 3 m long. The side profiles and cross-struts are made of anodised aluminium. All plastic sliding profiles and guide elements are wear and tear-resistant and can be easily replaced on the system.

Conveyor lines from Lubing


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