Cleaning Unit

for conveyor chains

The LUBING Cleaning Unit is designed for cleaning of conveyor chains for egg transport. The Cleaning Unit cleans the transport chain with Ultrasonic oscillation and used hot water with an addition of cleaning agent. It is possible to integrate this Cleaning Unit in an existing conveyor. A deflection unit is needed to guide the lower conveyor chain into the basin. The Cleaning Unit can be used as stationary station or as a mobile unit. The Cleaning Unit cleans the chain safe and reliable from biological nutrient media for bacteria and fungi contamination.


  • Mobil basin with fixed wheels
  • Dimensions: 1400x820x1100mm
  • Ultrasonic swingers 2 pcs.
  • Heating units for hot water up to 80C
  • Cleaning agent

External requirements:

  • Water supply to fill the basin
  • Current supply for heating and for the ultrasonic units
  • Sewer (to dispose the waste water)
  • Deflection unit to guide the chain out of the conveyor


  • In front of the picture the conveyor chain runs into the cleaning basin.
  • Behind the clean conveyor chain runs out again after a few seconds.


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