Drinking-Systems and nipple drinkers

for layers in cages

The LUBING drinking system for layers is designed in such a way that it can adapted individually to every layer system. Always hold the optimum water supply of the birds in high regard. Additionally pay attention that the environment affect is less as possible. Splash-water should not lead to corrosion or dampen the manure additionally.

Our million times approved LUBING nipples and the extensive accessories, e.g. the perches, air channels and drip cups, underlines LUBING as your most competent partner.

In order to guarantee optimum water supply for all animals in the system, the drinking line is installed in height of 38 - 41cm in a distance to the feeding line. Through the cycle of the animals between the drinking line and the feeding line, no water reaches the feeding trough.

The nipples could be placed in cages in the partition with drip cup.

In all systems the nipple could be placed anywhere with V-trough or anywhere with drip cup and reduced nipples could be placed anywhere without drip cup.


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